Fathers Day

Dear Daddy,

Happy Fathers Day!  It’s our first one.  I wanted to tell you that I am so glad I got you for a Daddy.  I know I may not always show it, but I already recognize what you do for me and the love you have for me.

Thank you for taking care of me.  You’re always there to feed me and bathe me.  I hear of other daddies who never change diapers, but you’ve been changing mine since Day 1!  (Sorry about those first meconium ones.  I know they made a big mess, but you never made me feel bad about it).

Thank you for taking your full Paternity Leave.  I know it was a challenge for you to be off work for 12 weeks, but I’m so glad you did it.  I feel like we really bonded and got to know each other during this time.  It will never again be just you and me like that.  I will never forget our times running in the mornings (well, you running, and me watching you from the stroller), doing Tummy Time, and playing with the dog.  And I will miss our naptimes – you were always so good about not moving and waking me up when I fell asleep on you.

Thank you for being so patient with me.  I’ll admit I may have my moments, but you handle them with grace.  Even when Mommy gets all red in the face and says she needs some quiet time, you stay calm.  It helps me calm down too.

Thank you for playing with me!  I have so much fun.  I love when you fly me in the air like an airplane.  And when we play the sit-up game.  OH and I especially love the new Peek-A-Boo game; it cracks me up every time!  I even like it when you turn on the lullaby station and we sing along.  Even though Mommy says you’ll never win American Idol, it sounds good enough to me.  I love that you aren’t all uptight and that you act like a kid with me.  Everything is much more fun when I have someone to play with.

Thank you for everything you did to prepare for me before I even arrived.  Mommy told me about the work you did to put all the nursery furniture together.  Even though I heard you get angry at Dammit a few times, Mommy said you re-read the instructions and tried again until you got it right.  Everything looked perfect when I came home!  (Sorry about the spit-up stains.  Mommy said it’s time for new carpet anyways).

Thank you for protecting me.  I know you’ve always got my back.  You’re so careful when bathing me to not get soap or water in my eyes, or to not nick me when cutting my fingernails (I know you did a couple of times and it was an accident, so I don’t hold it against you).  I know I get squirmy when you are changing me but you are always patient and wait it out so you don’t have to bend my arms or legs too much.  And you are always looking after me when we are out in public – making sure I don’t touch any germy stuff and that you are with me at all times.  It makes me feel safe.

Oh and thank you for making such yummy food for me!  I love love love the avocados, sweet potatoes, and carrots that you puree – oh and the mango snacks too!  I’m not a huge fan of the peas though.  I know, I know – they will make me grow up big and strong – but maybe we can try them again some other time.

Thank you for wanting the best for me.  How lucky am I to have a Daddy who puts me first every time!  I could get used to this.  I know I’ve changed a lot of priorities around, but you never complain and are always happy to accommodate.  I will remember that when I’m raising children of my own one day.

Thank you for balancing Mommy out.  I know she just cares about me, but sometimes she really over-stresses about things.  So it’s good to have you on the other end of the spectrum.  I feel like between the two of you, I get the best of both worlds.

And most of all, thank you for loving me so much!  Even though you don’t say it all the time, I know that you do.  I know by the way you talk to me, hold me, feed me, and care for me.  You’re teaching me that it’s okay to be myself, and that I always have a safe place to come home to.  You’re teaching me how to be a good son, a good friend, a good husband, a good father.  You’re teaching me about unconditional love.

And I love you back.  You’re the only Daddy I have, and I’m so blessed to have you.  Happy Fathers Day, Daddy.


Your Son


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