I have a friend who I’ve known since I was 19 (and began my first big girl job at a financial services call center).  She was about the same age when we met.

We’ve had one of those relationships where we’ve been primarily peripheral friends…  Definitely closer and more in contact at certain points, but typically long periods of time go by without contact until joint friends get married, have birthdays, or host gatherings.

Yet when we do talk (or email, such is the sign of the times!) there is a comfort and level of familiarity that makes it seem as if we’ve been in constant contact the entire time.  We’re able to connect and she has a wonderful ease about her that is disarming and prompts open and natural communication.

She is also a beautiful writer, and has been blogging about her experiences with life and MS.  I read all her posts, and she inspires me with each one – with her strength, honesty, and vulnerability.

Yet one recent post especially hits home with me – you know the feeling, Yes!  Exactly! 

And I think it’s very applicable to this audience.  I’m sure others can relate to these very feelings – mothers, would-be mothers, should-we-be mothers, and happy DINKs alike.



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