And it has begun – my baby is crawling.  Well, army crawling, where he drags his body across the carpet using his arms, but crawling nonetheless.

And I got to witness it!  Those first movements.  Reaching reaching reaching for the iPhone (inexplicably, that is his single best motivator).  Crying, frustrated.  Reaching extending hands curling fingers.  Face in the carpet, sobbing.  I want to help him.  I want to just give him the phone.  But I leave it.  Waiting hoping encouraging.

And his face is determined frustrated angry.  Staring at that damn phone.  He pushes up on all fours.  His butt bobs in the air.  Then he gives up, falls to the floor.

Still crying.  Wants that phone.  Props up again.  On his elbows.  Grunts pants.  Tries to pull himself forward.  Red.  Buries face in the carpet again.  Heartbreaking cries of frustration.

Looks up again.  Moves elbows closer to his body and props.  Hands digging into carpet.  Pulling pulling pulling.  Legs extended.  Toes pushing pushing hard.

And then – movement!  He looks up at me surprised confused.  Still crying.  Pushing now harder harder.  Extended grunting.  He moves again!

There’s no stopping him now.  He slowly slowly makes his way to the phone.  Body trembling.  Legs splayed awkwardly.  Forearms stained with carpet indentations.

And he’s there!  Picks up the phone and collapses.  Panting panting.  Flushed.  I squeal hug him kiss his forehead.  Sweat.  Hair matted to his forehead.  His first workout.

And I am so proud.  My darling baby boy figured it out!  As if it’s some secret that only he has mastered.

And then I take the phone away to tempt him again.  Poor guy only enjoyed a moment of sweet success.  But I can’t help myself.  I want him to do it again again.  Want to take pictures.  Want to take video.  Want to remember this moment always.

And suddenly I realize – our lives are about to change forever.  We’re no longer the sole controllers of his universe.  His will is apparent and he has the increasing ability to impose it.

Let the ride begin.


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